Many ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) fiduciaries, including plan sponsors, trustees and investment committee members, are unaware of their significant responsibilities related to the prudent management of their retirement plan. Fiduciaries, as defined by ERISA, are required to exercise the skill of a "prudent expert". For many individuals, this is a challenge, as they are not investment professionals and they may face significant personal liability.

MidAtlantic has been helping plan fiduciaries manage this risk and fulfill their fiduciary liability obligations since 1993 by managing the investment process.

Our "Prudent Investment Process" includes the following steps:

  1. Analyze the plan to understand demographics, objectives, goals, etc.
  2. Review and update existing Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  3. Research current fund categories and specific investment options
  4. Recommend fund category and/or investment option changes if necessary
  5. Implement the diversified “best-in-class” investment “menu”
  6. Continually monitor investment options based on criteria established in the Investment Policy Statement
  7. Recommend the replacement of investment options as needed
  8. Design and maintain Model Portfolios to be included as investment options
  9. Prepare comprehensive Quarterly Fiduciary Monitoring Reports
  10. Design and implement a customized communication/education program